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I have missed you guys! Let me start there.

Since my 21-day fast ended on the 7th of this month, I have been sitting around learning about patience and waiting and that is what I want to share with you. For weeks, before and after the fast, I asked God what should I be saying and sharing with you and I just felt that the words PATIENCE and WAITING were continuing to be deep in my spirit. That is a word for me and hopefully for someone else: just wait and be patient. Too many times want things to come so fast, right and on our time and God keeps saying "just wait and just be patient. I have something amazing in store for you, but I'm still putting it together."

It reminded me of this story I've heard a few times: this man goes into a restaurant and sat down and ordered. His food was taking forever and he began to get frustrated. People who came in after him began to receive their orders, and he was still waiting. Of course, he was like "what's up? I arrived and ordered before all these people. Where is my food?" Finally the waitress says to him "sir, I've spoken with the chef and he says he is specially preparing your meal so it is taking a little bit longer. He is putting extra touches on your meal that is causing the delay so he is asking that you wait and be a little more patient because what he is going to serve you will be just for you". That stuck with me! Whatever God is preparing for us is made just for us and we just have to wait and be patient. That may be a job, that may be a relationship, that may be a financial blessing, that may be a breakthrough for our children. That may even be coming out of this pandemic and this quarantine and God is just saying wait and be patient.

I hope that encourages you as I even try to encourage myself by remembering God is never late and He is always on time and that if we just wait and be patient, He will blow our minds. Don't rush anything. Even in my "TT Taught You" series on Instagram or this blog, I was getting frustrated like "Lord I haven't said anything to the people in a long time; what do I say?" I kept getting back "just wait"! And not I have something to talk about "patience and waiting"!

I love you all!! You are not alone because I am waiting too!! Don't forget to pick up your copy of "The Beauty in the Breakdown" and follow @_talithaktyler on IG for more!



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