• Talitha Tyler

Don't let the FACTS of your life distract you from the FAITH of your life!

Have you ever heard something so clearly from God, but then when you look around nothing is adding up? I have had plenty moments where I heard God tell me to move or do something, but everything around me says "this is not a good idea". Honestly, it caused me to question one, if I ever really heard from God, and two, if what I thought I heard was actually what He said. The frustration in that was insane!

It helped to write things down with what I heard Him say, and even put the date He said it. That way when the enemy creeps into your mind with doubt and fear, you have something tangible to look at and remind yourself God made a promise and He will see it through in His time.

One thing I've learned while on this journey is to not let the facts of life distract me from the faith of life. Everything around me can be crumbling and looking as if defeat is near; however, no matter what it looks like, sounds like, smells like I will continue to trust that God knows best! Let God do GOD things and watch miracles happen! As the song says "if God said it, I believe it, that settles it"!!!

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