• Talitha Tyler

Forgive and Free Yourself!

Let's take a moment and talk about forgiveness and how important forgiveness is. Sometimes it's not as easy as people try to make it seem. When you forgive someone, you're not saying to them that what they did is okay. But you are saying to them that you are no longer holding them hostage for what they did to you.

Forgiveness is so important! Forgiveness is the key for unlocking yourself from the bondage of the hurt, the anger, the frustration, all those feelings that come wrapped up in staying upset with someone who has wronged or offended you. Forgiveness frees you and doesn't allow the other person to have the power or the impact over you anymore.

Sometimes it's you that needs to forgive, and honestly, sometimes it's you that needs to ask for forgiveness and be forgiven. We're not always right and we have to learn to be the bigger person and ask for the forgiveness of others. And then sometimes we have to forgive ourselves for choices we've made or things we've done or said that we know are wrong. We must forgive ourselves first, and then we can begin to forgive others.

So take some time today and really think about forgiveness. Really allow yourself to forgive even the most hurtful and detrimental things that people have done to you, even the worst things you've done to yourself. Forgive! Let go and forgive. Don't go into a new month (although we're already 8 days in), but don't go into a new month and PLEASE don't go into a new year holding onto things that really don't matter anymore. I am not minimizing or devaluing things that have hurt you; people can say and do some really mean things. I have been there, but don't go into 2021 holding onto all that. Free yourself! Choose to forgive! And then know that it is a conscience effort because it will seem like after you forgive, they will do and say things that appear like they're pushing your buttons or picking at you knowing you've already forgiven them. Forgiveness is a continuous process. You have to choose to forgive.

And lastly, forgiveness doesn't mean that I have to keep fooling with you. I can forgive and never fool with you again. I can forgive completely, fully and wholeheartedly and still choose to distance myself.

Forgive! A small but mighty word with an even bigger impact!

I love you all! Don't forget to pick up your copy of "The Beauty in the Breakdown" and be sure to follow @_talithaktyler on IG for more!



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