• Talitha Tyler

Pause and Reboot!!!

Here we are coming near to the end of another year, one that none of us was prepared for honestly! 2020 has been heavier than any of us could have imagined, right?! Like many of you, this year has brought pain, heartbreak, loss of friendships and relationships, discouragement, sickness, depression, too many tears and sadness. It wasn't until my therapy session earlier this week where I realized 2020 has weighed on me more than I thought it did!

It is imperative that we all take time for ourselves every now and then. It is okay to turn off the world and find YOU! We should be constantly changing, growing and evolving which takes energy and a sound mind to accomplish. We need to shut off all the noise, the distractions, and anything that keeps us from being our best selves.

Because I love me, I am going to pause and reboot! Because I love ya'll, I need to disconnect and unplug from everything weighing me down and draining my energy. I want to have a fresh mind and spirit for 2021 so that I can be prepared and equipped to give you all whatever God has for you through me in this upcoming year!

I love you all!! Don't forget to pick up your copy of "The Beauty in the Breakdown" (they make great stocking stuffers!) and follow @_talithaktyler on IG for more! See you in 2021!!



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