• Talitha Tyler

Protect Your Peace!

Something I am very protective over is my peace. It took me awhile to realize that my peace was one of the most expensive things I have, and it must be protected at all costs. Your peace is a way of thinking. Peace is something you can have even in the midst of the trials of life. Peace is a mindset. Peace allows you to sleep at night and go through each day. Peace is a gift from God, and peace is also one of the main things the enemy wants to disrupt and steal from us.

Understand that peace also comes with accepting you don't always have to be right. I was able to protect my peace with this realization. I got to a point in my life where even if someone told me one plus one equals five, I was going to let them be right. My peace was worth more than my need to be right. You have to get comfortable with not sharing your side of the story. Know that God saw it all,

and that He will vindicate you when the time is right. Your silence can be the very thing that protects your peace. Even when you’re right, your peace may require your silence.

For too long, I allowed my peace to be stolen from people and situations that were not worth it. I let toxic relationships keep from me being and becoming my best self. I allowed others to determine my worth and that, in turn, stole my peace. Simply because others didn't value or appreciate me, I found myself depressed and my energy being drained. It took awhile, but now not only do I realize the importance of my peace, I also appreciate my own value and personal worth. I had to learn that God knows and sees who is meant to travel through each level of life with us. Not everyone can go to the penthouse level with us, and we have to be okay with letting them off at the floor designated for them.



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