In The Beauty in the Breakdown, the author Talitha Kumi Tyler, whose name is found in the Bible (Mark 5:41) meaning “little girl wake up”, describes her intimate and personal testimony of her relationship with God, herself and others. In a vulnerable, honest, and transparent way, she describes how God has moved in her life, the paths she took, and how she had to be broken down in order to break through. Using pivotal moments, relatable analogies, scriptures, insight and advice, Talitha reveals how she no longer allowed her past or people in her life to define who she was and how she fell in love with herself. Talitha realized she was being melted to be molded, and that the breakdown ironically made her whole. By detailing her sessions in therapy and adding discussion questions to invoke deeper thoughts, Talitha hopes readers will be helped along the way in their own journeys as they understand the strength gained in the breakdown is not only necessary but beautiful.



Check out what readers have to say after reading "The Beauty in the Breakdown":


"The Beauty in the Breakdown is an excellent read and practical resource for people, especially for women to relate to. Throughout her life journey, Talitha not only describes roadblocks and challenging circumstances, she focuses on how she overcame such obstacles to become the woman God destined her to be. Readers are in for a treat with Talitha’s humor and candor. After reading The Beauty in the Breakdown, readers like myself will be encouraged to surrender painful circumstances and work diligently to heal dark places and allow God to show up and show out in our lives! Don’t miss out on this book!"


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